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Build Your Wealth
Through Property In South Wales

We make your money work harder by building a high quality, hands free property portfolio for you.

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Who We Are (And who we help)

We are a property trading company that helps people who don’t have time, to build premium, hands-free, property portfolios through smart investments in South Wales. We also believe strongly in helping the communities we work in, and the upside of our investment strategy is that we reuse and repurpose buildings to create safe, beautiful and much needed homes for people. 


This is our highly personalized service, with a 100% end to end "done for you" investment service for local UK and international investors. We learn exactly what it is you’re looking for and we handle everything from sourcing the property, to the legals and overseeing a refurb if needed, all the way to placing it with a top letting agent to find you a good tenant. 

A completely hands-free investment service that includes:


  • Source Property

  • Negotiate Sale

  • Instruct Solicitors

  • Manage Survey Access

  •  Sales Progression & Enquiries

  •  Fund Transfer

  • Legal Completion

  •  Refurb Quotations

  •  Appoint tradesmen

  •  Oversee Refurbishment

  • Assess Letting Agents

  • Appoint Letting Agent

  • Handover To Client


Who this is for:


Working professionals & High Net Worth individuals who want to build their premium property portfolio with high yield UK property in the South Wales Region.


Investors based outside the UK or outside South Wales.


Working professionals who don't have the time, knowledge or experience to invest themselves. 

Why Invest With Us?

We work for you and always have your best interests at heart. 

  • We offer a bespoke personal-shopper service

  • We negotiate on and off-market opportunities and only present properties that suit your requirements.

  • Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of our service

  • We have assembled the best possible team of mortgage brokers, solicitors, tradespeople and letting agents to make the process as smooth as possible

  • We work with first time and seasoned investors

  • We specialize in both UK and international clients

  • We’ll handle the entire process from start to finish

  • Our team will save you time, money and more than one headache


We are proud members of a community that has facilitated

over £100M worth of property sales throughout the UK.

Why Invest In South Wales?

The South Wales region has the largest property market and three quarters of Wales’s population, or around 2.5 million people, live in South Wales.  

Cardiff, Swansea and Newport are the main cities and offer a broad range of property types and opportunities between them. Just to the north, the Valleys have mainly ex-industrial towns and villages, but that comes with a wide range of well-priced opportunities. 



  • Fast Growing Economy - Cardiff has one of the UK’s fastest-growing economies.

  • Growing Population - With a city population of approximately 488,000, Cardiff is expected to grow 20% by 2035.


  • Housing Shortage - Wales does not have enough homes. Over 14 000 new homes are needed every year for the next 15 years at least. 


  • Transport & Infrastructure Investment – Cardiff is investing more than a billion pounds in major development and transport infrastructure.


  • Property Hotspot –Property prices are considerably lower than the UK average and the rental demand is buoyant. 

DOWNLOAD THE Property Investment Guide To South Wales

To Discover The Rest Of The Region


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If you can see the potential already and you’d like to discuss investing, book a consultation call today. We can only take on a certain number of investors at a time to ensure that you receive the service you deserve.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start building your portfolio together.


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“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” - Mark Twain

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