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Our Investment Model & Process

Our investment model is designed to maximise long-term wealth generation. We focus on
Buy-To-Let properties, often using the Buy-Refurbish-Refinance strategy, that will deliver decent monthly rental profit, but with the primary aim of delivering strong long-term growth. So no, you won’t get rich overnight, but through smart investing and the incredible compounding effect of time, you have the opportunity to build real generational wealth.

The Process


Step One - Get in touch to arrange a consultation call.


Step Two - In our consultation call, we’ll discuss what your exact investment requirements are, and see if our service is right for you.


Step Three - Once signed up with us, we will commit to finding you a suitable investment deal within 90 days.


Step Four - We’ll deliver a great deal to you on a plate. All the property information, figures & pictures will be available with 100% of our due diligence presented in an easy to digest PDF document.


Step Five - Once you choose to proceed, we’ll instruct solicitors on your behalf and manage the purchase process through to completion. We’ll chase solicitors and keep on top of the seller to ensure the process runs quickly and smoothly.


Step Six (optional) - Once the property is legally yours, we can plan and manage any refurbishment work to get the property up to standard and add as much value as possible.


Step Seven - We will oversee the handover to a reputable letting or estate agent to ensure the property is let (or sold if you would prefer to flip it) for the best price possible.

Why Buy-To-Let Is A Great Investment In Cardiff


Cardiff is a modern cosmopolitan city with a thriving arts, culture and sporting scene, offering an amazing quality of life, all less than two hours to London by train.

  • Growing population

  • Huge shortage of homes

  • Magnet for young professionals

  • Top UK cities for graduate retention

  • Fast growing economy

  • One Billion Pound Govt Investment In Infrastructure

DOWNLOAD The Property Investment Guide to South Wales.

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