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A little about us.

St James Property Group is a property sourcing and investment company with a specific focus on property in South Wales, (where you get more for your money than an area like London). We understand that finding profitable property deals and building a property portfolio can be a time-consuming and challenging process. That’s why we have assembled the best possible team of experts to facilitate every step of the process.


We help local and international people who lack that time, knowledge or property experience to build their portfolios and maximise returns on their money. It is a fully personalised, ‘done for you’ property investment service.


We also believe strongly in helping the communities we work in, and the upside of our investment strategy is that we reuse and repurpose run-down buildings to create safe, much needed, beautiful homes.


We would love to help you build your portfolio, so please reach out and let’s have a chat.

A little about me. 

Hi, I’m Dylan, the founder of St James Property Group. I’ve had a 20 year career as an award-winning writer and creative director in advertising, building some of the best-loved brands around the world, including PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Audi, The Economist and IKEA.


Over that same period, I also invested in a range of property ventures including Buy-To-Let, Off-Plan, Refurb Projects and Light Development. All of which gave me invaluable knowledge and experience as I built my own portfolio.


That property passion has now taken over where my first career left off and before starting St James Property Group, I studied extensively (and continue to study) with some of the most respected property experts in the UK.


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