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Lending funds for a property project

Depending on the project, we may require funds for 3 months – 5 Years and this can be discussed during our investor calls.


We pay a fixed rate 8-10% with interest payable monthly, on amounts upwards of £25,000.


You may reinvest your funds at the end of each period if you wish to continue lending your money for great returns.


This should be thought of as putting your funds into a bank account that offers generous returns.


Who this is for:


People who have funds sitting in the bank which are making very poor returns, or actually decreasing in value (as inflation is higher than the interest accrued).


Investors who want a great return with a more passive property investment approach.


Investors who want their funds to remain relatively liquid - As funds are returned at the end of the defined project term.


50/50 Joint Venture (No Fee-Equity Share)​​​

In short, we provide the expertise and do all the work, the investor provides the funds and purchases the property. Both parties share equally in the capital uplift and rental income. 


Who this is for:


High net worth & sophisticated Investors who have around £100,000 to invest initially. (This requires a declaration form for FCA regulations).


Investors who are able to get a mortgage. 


Investors who want to benefit from the substantial rental income, as well as capital growth.


Investors who want a long-term investment.


Investors who want to build a significant portfolio of highly cash flowing properties.



Who this is NOT for:


Investors who want all their cash to be liquid, as it may be the case that some of their funds will remain in the deal for a longer period.



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